Bolt Rig Basics – Inline Rig

Jul 12 2008

This is one of the most widely used set-ups, the Bolt Rig.

The principle is simple ( see below. )

In Step 1, the fish picks up your hookbait on a slack leader, taking with it the hook..

In Step 2, as the carp moves away the leader tightens and the weight of the lead comes into play.

The carp ‘bolts’ ( hence the name ) and the weight of the lead helps pull the hook home.

Right, here’s how to construct a simple in-line bolt rig.

First you need your components.

OK this is what I’m using here ( ps this just my own personal preferences – obviously there are other makes and types etc. ) My rig here consists of 8″ Kryston Snakebite leader with a size 8 Fox Uni-swivel to a size 8 CarpRus Longshank hook tied with a hair rig. 3oz Fox inline lead, tail rubber and 12″ sink tubing ( your tubing must always be longer than your leader, about 1.5 times the length is ideal. )

Step 1: Thread your mainline through the tubing and then thread on the tail rubber, which must slip over the end of the tubing.

Step 2: Thread on your weight, attaching it to the tail rubber.

Step 3: Take your leader swivel and push it into the rubber or plastic housing. This is an essential move, since this housing creates the ‘semi – fixed rig’ set-up essential to a bolt rig. IT MUST NOT be jammed in too tightly so that if the line breaks or the lead gets snagged up the swivel can be pulled free of the lead. At the same time if the swivel can come free too easily when the carp picks up the hookbait the bolt rig effect is lost as the weight of the lead will not come into play.

Step 4: Push the housing into the lead weight and there you have it.

Just want to re-iterate the ‘semi – fixed rig’ thing. The important thing here is that the weight is fixed to the leader so the weight helps drive the hook home. But it is important that the swivel can come free under pressure. If, for example, a mainline break occurs it is important that the leader can come free of the weight so that it is not going to have to drag around a length of line attached to a lead weight.

This will often eventualy kill the fish, why such fixed rigs ( for example, tying the lead weight to a mainline ) are known as ‘death rigs’. Its important to get a balance whereby the swivel is fixed enough to the weight to allow the ‘bolt rig’ efect and loose enough to pull free in an emergency.

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